1: How to extend the service Plan?

Refer the customer to the website Tools and Services menu option which leads to Service Plan, Maintenance Plan, or Warranty Booster options.

2: Telephone details of roadside assistance?

Provide the number to the customer 0861113408. If the customer cannot get through Customer Care contact Roadside assistance to contact customer.

3: When vehicle is taken in for a service will a courtesy vehicle be provided?

No unless prior arrangement is made with servicing dealership.

4: Components covered under warranty?

Refer the customer to their owners manual for the list of exclusions.

5: Where is my nearest dealership?

Refer the customer to the website Find A Dealer menu option.

6: Fuel Consumption

It is not possible to predict the exact fuel consumption as it is subject to various factors resulting from many different conditions. The published data released by manufacturers is obtained under a specified test procedure as laid down by EEC Directives for homologation purposes. The tests are conducted at sea level under Urban, Rural and combined Urban/Rural conditions. The format specifies amongst numerous requirements, the rate of acceleration, windows closed, air conditioner and all other consumers to be off. The urban economy is measured using the test cycle known as ECE-15. It simulates a 4,052 m urban trip at an average speed of 18.7 km/h and at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. The extra-urban cycle or EUDC lasts 400 seconds at an average speed and a top speed of 120 km/h].

Additional testing includes a high speed/quick acceleration loops lasting 10 minutes, covering 13 km at an average of 77 km/h with a top speed of 130 km/h. Four stops are included, and brisk acceleration maximizes at a rate of 13.62 km/h per second. The engine begins warm with the air conditioning not used. Ambient temperature varies between 20 °C to 30 °C. The air conditioning test raises ambient temperatures to 35 °C, and the vehicle’s climate control system is in operation. Lasting 9.9 minutes, the 5.8 km loop averages 35 km/h and maximizes at a rate of 88.2 km/h. Five stops are included, idling occurs 19 percent of the time and acceleration of 5.1 mph/sec is achieved. Engine temperatures begin warm. Lastly, a cold temperature cycle uses the same parameters as the current city loop, except that ambient temperature is set to −7 °C.

The aim of these tests is to enable a consumption comparison between similar vehicles of different manufacturers. Actual vehicle operating conditions differ substantially to the test conditions, and therefore, vehicles operating at altitude generally do not achieve the published specifications.

When determining achievable fuel consumption the following principles apply.

Weight of the vehicle.

Load carried by the vehicle.


Traffic density and conditions.

Manual or automatic transmission.

Driving style.

Accessories in use (A/C, lights, blower, rear-defroster etc)

Frequent short trips

Lengthy warm up time

Extended idle

Towing of trailers/ boats/ caravans etc.

Frequent braking

Frequent acceleration

Hard acceleration

Ambient temperature


Typically, altitude, driving style, vehicle speed, and, traffic conditions are the major contributory factors.

7: Towing Capacity:

Refer the customer to the website vehicle brochure


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