N$7 387.60

Nudge Bar Maxe – Part No: K90425

N$7 387.60

Nudge Bar Maxe black edition – Part No: K90426

N$6 991.66

Nudge Bar Artav – Part No: K20033

N$9 882.18

Side Step Artav – Part No: K20034

N$13 310.00

OE Side Bar without Illumination – Part No: KF1371ADE00

N$1 688.78

Window Visor – Part No: KEGR-15614OEDS

N$1 390.24

Head Light Guard – Part No: KEGR-15616OE

N$4 513.52

Door Side Trim – Part No: KF1271ADE00ST

N$1 777.33

Trunk Sill Protector – Part No: KF1274ADE10ST

N$1 643.24

Tailgate Trim – Part No: KF1491ADE00ST

N$4 882.90

Cargo Seperator – Part No: KF1150ADE00

N$7 387.60

Tow Bar Solid – Part No: K154

N$3 435.74

Front 2 Park Sensor – Part No: KAPI03

N$4 020.17

Front 4 Park Sensor – Part No: KAPI02

N$3 811.45

Rear 4 Park Sensor – Part No: KAPI01

The New Kia Sportage

All prices shown are recommended retail prices, which are not binding on the Dealers or KIA Motors Namibia. The recommended retail price excludes Dealer delivery and related charges. All product features, specifications and options are subject to change without notice. Dimensions, capacities and performance specifications apply to standard vehicles. KIA Motors Namibia urges you always to contact your nearest approved KIA Dealer to confirm specific features, applicable terms and the non-binding retail prices of vehicles recommended by KIA Motors Namibia in effect at the time of purchase.